Model: Thetra Blackheart & Trudina Foxtrot--Photo: Thetra Blackheart & Trudina Foxtrot-- Pose: Posesion
inspired by Marlene Dietrich

  EXCLUSIVE FOR The Style Icon Fair

Thetra wear: E-Clipse MimiPants TurkishCoffee--new--
E-Clipse MimiChemise Artifact Dark--new--
E-Clipse MimiGloves  & Borsalino Artifact--new--
E-Clipse MimiShoes Artifact--new--

Trudina wear:E-Clipse MimiPants ChelseaMauve--new--
E-Clipse MimiChemise Reddish--new--
E-Clipse MimiGloves  & Borsalino Reddish--new--
E-Clipse MimiShoes Reddish--new--

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