This blog is the result of Trudina Foxtrot passion for compulsive shopping, a disease affecting 95% of women in real life as well as 80% of men if considering Second Life too. So, if a trouble shared is a trouble halved, let's have fun together inventing everyday our little, cute sins of vanity !



Model:Trudina Foxtrot--Photo: Trudina Foxtrot--Pose: PoSeSiOn @La Mettalique
Skin:-Glam Affair - Artemis - Jamaica 04--new--@collabor88
Hair:Vanity Hair::Crazy In Love--new--
Necklace:E-Clipse Million Necklace Gold--new--@La Mettalique-L'accessoires Gacha
Bracelet:E-Clipse Million Bracelet  Gold--new--@La Mettalique-L'accessoires Gacha
Ring:E-Clipse Million Ring Gold--new--@La Mettalique-L'accessoires Gacha
Dress:E-Clipse Million Dress--new--@La Mettalique-L'accessoires
Hat:AZOURY - LAMIA Spoon Hat --new--@La Mettalique-L'accessoires
Tattoo:Letis Tattoo :: Essence :: MM14014 :: --new--@District 5



Model: Trudina Foxtrot--Photo: Trudina Foxtrot-- Pose : Eternal Dream Pose

Skin: -Glam Affair - Artemis - Jamaica 04 NEW@collabor88
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Legend Hair - Persephone - Winter NEW@collabor88
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Essence :: MM14014 :: NEW- @DISTRICT 5
Top: GizzA - Rebel Outfit [Dark] Tank Top NEW
Hat: GizzA - Rebel Outfit [Dark] Cap NEW
Bracelets: .:E.A.Box Studio Fairy Glamor Bracelets Silver NEW-@Trend Fashion Fair
Short: Legal Insanity - jinny hotpants bleached blue jeans NEW- @DISTRICT 5
Shoes: RO - Phalanx Wedges - Black - Container NEW- @collabor88
Nails: JaM Slink Fingernails & Toenails Rory--NEW
Sunglasses: GizzA - Rebel Outfit [Dark] Aviator Sunglasses NEW
Ring: E-Clipse CatchMe!


pure white

Model: Trudina Foxtrot--Photo: Trudina Foxtrot--Pose: Argrace
Hair: Vanity Hair:Anchor--new--
Skin: -Belleza- Grace C88 Med 6 -new- @collabor88
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Essence :: MM14014 :: -new- @Distric 5
Bracelets:Bracelet [MANDALA]Odyssey-Artemis(White) -new- @collabor88
Dress: La Penderie de Nicole:Odyssey dress:White/Silver-Fitted Mesh -new- @collabor88
Shoes:::HH:: Hucci Naxos Sandal Silver - Moonglow -new- @collabor88
Earring and Necklace: E-Clipse CatchMe! 



Model: Trudina Foxtrot--Photo: Trudina Foxtrot--Pose: Eternal Dream Pose
Sunglasses:-David Heather-Pawn Sunglasses/Black--new--@ MIXMATCH After 6 Days
Necklace: .:E.A.Studio BOX Vinil MK-600 Necklaces--new--
Top: E-Clipse Scacchi Top--new--@ MIXMATCH After 6 Days
Skirt: E-Clipse Scacchi Skirt--new--@MIXMATCH After 6 Days-->E-Clipse
Ring: .:E.A.Studio:.Box Ring Bilingual Silver--new--
Shoes: claMberry. 7 deadly sins - lust heel (slink HIGH) REZ RARE--new--@OriMeCre Summer Gacha



Model: Trudina Foxtrot--Photo: Trudina Foxtrot--Pose : DelMay
Hair:*booN cornrows hairbase--*booN SOT812 hair brown/mat/chestnut
Earrings&Necklace:  a m o r o u s // Cinco //--new--
Bracelet&Ring: E-Clipse Million Gold
Dress: Legal Insanity - alba mini dress leopard--new--
Shoes: [orage] Cork Mules  - black--new--
Tattoo:  Letis Tattoo :: Inermis Little :: MM13020 ::
Pigs: THE FACTORY - Piggy puff chair [chrome]--new--@OriMeCre Summer Gacha
THE FACTORY - Piggy puff chair [nature]--new--@OriMeCre Summer Gacha
THE FACTORY - Piggy puff chair [wood]--new--@OriMeCre Summer Gacha
THE FACTORY - Piggy puff chair [animalier]--new--@OriMeCre Summer Gacha



Model: Trudina Foxtrot--Photo: Trudina Foxtrot
Hair: Vanity Hair::Flirt(2)--new--@Hair Fair 2014
Earrings&Ring: Lazuri Halle All in One--new--@L'accessoires
Dress: GizzA - Erika Halterneck Dress [Leather]--new--
Shoes: [orage] Latex Mules - black--new--@Save The Date
Bag: [orage] Mickey bag - silver--new--@L'accessoires



Model:Trudina Foxtrot--Photo: Trudina Foxtrot--Pose: Eternal Dream Pose
Hair:Vanity Hair::Alien-new--@Hair Fair 2014
Skin: -Glam Affair - Kallisto - Exotic 04-new--@collabor88
Dress:-AZUL- Yael /Onyx--new--
Earrings:Lazuri Halle All in One Complete Set--new--@L'accessoires
Necklace:Lazuri Halle All in One Complete Set--new--@L'accessoires
Ring:Lazuri Halle All in One Complete Set--new--@L'accessoires
Tattoo:Letis Tattoo :: Theia :: MM14010 ::--new--
Shoes:MIAMAI_Regan metal pumps - Black Metal (Slink high)--new--@L'accessoires
Nails:JaM -Slink FINGERNAILS-Glitter--new--coming soon