Model: Trudina Foxtrot and Betty Draesia-- Photo : Trudina Foxtrot and Betty Draesia
Pose: Belod
Trudina Foxtrot wearing:
Dress: -AZUL- Jill /Amethyst
                                                      ^^SWALLOW^^ skin – Fatima Coffee
                                                    Jewels by Lazuri Noor Mystic Infinity set
                                                       and BeloD – Cristal Clutch in GOLD
Betty Draesia Wearing:
                            Today other two beautiful gowns from our Mami Jewel the - AZUL -  CEO
    I’m wearing  Audrey in Aqua the gown made custom on Audrey Cresci for the finale of  MVW 2013  contest
                                                   with Donna Flora jewels - ANASTACIA set
                                                        and BeloD – Cristal Clutch in azure

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