Coming Soon-Exclusive for K.V. Dream Fashion Agency Land

                  Model: Trudina Foxtrot-Photo:Trudina Foxtrot-Pose: *PosESioN* Avant Garde
                                                          The water element of life
Exsclusive items for K.V. Dream Fashion Agency Land
Dress: E-Clipse Elements Water
(included: dress mesh for size,gloves and FeatherCollar)
The water in nature is one of the main constituents of ecosystems and is the basis of all known life forms, including humans, it is also due to the same origin of life on our planet and it is also essential to also use civil agricultural and industrial man has also been recognized since ancient times its importance, identifying it as one of the key building blocks of the universe, giving it a deep symbolic value, found in the major religions.

Jewelry Parure: Lazuri Liana Royal Blue and Copper Necklace Earrings For KV
(included: neckalce and earrings)

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