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 Model: My Family -Lauaann Rossini and Gabriel Schonberg - Trudina Foxtrot
JD - Just Design Mesh Creations provides a full range of furniture and Home Deco accessories in high and medium resolution MESH, as well as Mesh Builder Kits and textures.
JD - New York Jacuzzi is a splendid work of design, made in full HD mesh and providing a fantastic scenario for all your romantic or relaxing moments. It's enjoyable with friends (4 sitters) or with partner, with a large selection of poses. A panel on the inner bath tub allows you to set the inner colour, to fill in the tub, and to switch on and off the steam and bubble jet.
Moreover the New York Jacuzzi allows you to enrich it with various decor elements (towels, wine bottle, candles etc.): you can decide to rez a single element or all of them with a single click.

- weight: 18 PE (without accessories)
- 18 single animations
- 12 couple poses (i.e. 24 animations)
- rezzable accessories: towels on bench, towels on the ground, tray with wine and glasses, tray with bath perfume and soap; deco plant
- inner tub color change HUD
- scripted water, foam and bubble jet commands
- 5 m x 5 m x 1.2 m
Prim count:
18 prims (attention: adding accessories will change the prim count!!)
Thanks for your purchase!
JD Just Design Mesh Creations
Dave Freeman

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